1187 Voices for Justice & Life - SA City Council VOTES to approve ppST - Dec. 10, 2015

01:00 pm - 12/17/2015

@ San Antonio City Council Chamber

114 W Commerce St
San Antonio TX  78205

VOTE CHANGED on December 2 from Dec. 10 to December 17th!

On December 7th, the San Antonio City Council will be voting on a redefinition of “Ambulatory Surgical Center.” This change is needed for the City to justify the zoning at the 2140 Planned Parenthood. This vote also makes it possible for Planned Parenthood to locate a facility in Your Neighborhood. A vote for the redefinition is a vote supporting Planned Parenthood! Your City Council shouldn’t be making abortion easier and giving Planned Parenthood special privileges! Consider telling your Mayor and Councilman to vote, “NO!”

Here is How You Can Help?

*Consider contacting your San Antonio City Mayor and Councilman prior to the December 10th vote.

Mayor.IvyTaylor@SanAntonio.gov, District1@SanAntonio.gov, District2@SanAntonio.gov, District3@SanAntonio.gov, District4@SanAntonio.gov, District5@SanAntonio.gov, District6@SanAntonio.gov, District7@SanAntonio.gov, District8@SanAntonio.gov, Ron.Nirenberg@SanAntonio.gov, District9@SanAntonio.gov, District10@SanAntonio.gov

**Wednesday December 9th, Join us at Citizens to Be Heard from 6:00-7:30-PM at 114 W. Commerce St. San Antonio, TX 78205.

***Thursday December 10th, Join us for the Council Vote from 9:00am-Noon at 114 W. Commerce St. San Antonio, TX 78205.

Be sure to wear blue to the events on the 9th and 10th. If you’d like to speak be sure and register at Citizens to Be Heard the morning of December 9th when the link is made available on the City webpage.

Please fill out the form to indicate your attendance and support that can be found at: http://sanantoniofamilyassociation.com/2015/11/1187-voices-for-justice-and-life/

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The Mayor & City Council will vote to approve or disapprove of "Planned Parenthood South Texas'" existence at 2140 Babcock on December 10, 2015.

Will you join us at Council Chanbers on Dec. 10 to speak to Council to say NO to the redefinition of an ASC that condones ppST existence at 2140?

ASC Amendment with redefinition of an ASC
- see posts within this event to view the videos of the hearings
Sept. 21 - PC TAC didn't vote they allowed it to move forward

Oct 19 - BOA passes with recommendation

Oct 20 - ZC does not pass it or recommend it, but DSD pushes it forward in process

Oct 28 - PC voted to pass with recommendation

Nov 16 - Neighborhood & Livability Committee Hearing

Dec 10 - Council A Session hearing will be a vote to condone or disapprove of a previous bad zoning decision for ppST by the DSD

Will you join us at Council Chanbers on Dec. 10 to speak to Council to say NO to the redefinition of an ASC that condones ppST existence at 2140?

The re-definition of an Ambulatory Surgery Center made it out of the Planning Commission Technical Advisory Committee (PCTAC) on September 21 without a formal vote and without contestation. It was a sad sight to witness so many cowardice acts of silence when the PCTAC Chairman asked if there were any objections to the Amendment moving forward with the new ASC Amendment attached to it.

Today, the Zoning Commission takes up the matter. Consider how you can help. If you are able, consider to join in person and #StandForJustice as the City's DSD Staff has marginalized a Citizen's Amendment to clarify the Unified Development Code that an ASC should only be in a C-2 or C-3 zoned area.

From Sept. 21, 2015:

Dear Dreamhill Estates Neighbors and San Antonio Residents:

Most of us have very strong feelings regarding the issue of abortion. Regardless of your position on that issue, we believe that we can all agree that the quality of life in Dreamhill Estates and throughout San Antonio has deteriorated significantly since the opening of the Planned Parenthood facility at 2140 Babcock. We are optimistic that we can work together in a positive way to restore the Dreamhill Estates neighborhood by addressing the improper zoning decisions and would like to know if you are interested supporting these efforts.

Zoning ordinances are intended to protect residential neighborhoods like #DreamhillEstates from encroachment by businesses that would have a negative impact on those neighborhoods in terms of safety, quality of life, and residential property values. In the case of the new Planned Parenthood facility at #2140Babcock, currently zoned C1 (light commercial) these ordinances were clearly ignored, resulting in the problems we now experience. For example, C1 businesses are limited to a maximum of 5,000 square feet, and Planned Parenthood’s Babcock facility is well over 3 times that size. Furthermore, of the 71 ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) in San Antonio only 3 (including 2140 Babcock) are in buildings zoned C1. All the rest are C2 or higher. One of the other 2 ASCs zoned C1 is inside a 200 acre Christus Santa Rosa Hospital campus and the other is closed. The only ASC in San Antonio that encroaches on a residential neighborhood is the one at 2140 Babcock.

One issue that muddies the water is that the Unified Develop Code (UDC) for zoning does not list a category for ambulatory surgical centers. In April, two residents of Dreamhill Estates submitted this proposed amendment to UDC to the Planning Commission Technical Advisory Committee (PCTAC):
Table 311-2: Adds a new entry to Non-Residential use matrix for “Ambulatory Surgical Centers”; only allows use within C-2 and C-3 zoning districts.

We attended the #PCTAC meeting on July 13th to voice support for this amendment. No action was taken by the PCTAC on the amendment other than to agree that it was a clarification to the UDC and to send it to the Planning Commission for consideration.

We attended the Planning Commission meeting on August 12th where it was decided that the amendment should be modified to “define” where an #ASC should fit in the existing zoning designations in the #UDC and be sent back to the PCTAC for further action. In essence, the Planning Commission recommended that an ASC be defined either as a Medical Clinic, which can be located in C1, or a Hospital which cannot be located in C1.

The PCTAC meets again this Monday at 1:30 (agenda attached), and the amendment is on the agenda for consideration. Amazingly, now the wording is exactly the opposite of the intent of the original amendment. Here is how it now reads:

Appendix A – Definitions
Ambulatory Surgical Center. See Clinic, dental or medical.
Clinic, dental or medical. A building in which ten (10) or more physicians and/or dentists or their allied professional assistants carry on their profession; or a building which contains , and other health and dental professionals and their assistants carry on their profession. Medical clinics may include and , medical radiological equipment, A clinic may also provide operating rooms for out-patient surgical procedures. Additionally, establishments regulated as Ambulatory Surgical Centers and providing out-patient surgical care, as defined in Chapter 135 of the Texas Administrative Code, shall be considered a medical clinic for the purposes of this chapter. A clinic shall not include in-patient care or operating rooms for major surgery.

We plan to attend the PCTAC on Monday September 21st at 1:30 to oppose this wording and provide clarification by offering wording that defines an ASC under the category of a hospital.

If you are so inclined and are available, we would greatly appreciate your support at the PCTAC meeting on Monday.

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