1187 Voices for Justice & Life - Council A Session - encourage Council to defeat the ASC Re-Definition - Dec. 17, 2015

09:00 am - 12/17/2015

@ San Antonio City Council Chamber

114 W Commerce St
San Antonio TX  78205

VOTE CHANGED on December 2 from Dec. 10 to December 17th!

On December 17th, the San Antonio City Council will be voting on a redefinition of “Ambulatory Surgical Center.” This change is needed for the City to justify the zoning at the 2140 Planned Parenthood. This vote also makes it possible for Planned Parenthood to locate a facility in Your Neighborhood. A vote for the redefinition is a vote supporting Planned Parenthood! Your City Council shouldn’t be making abortion easier and giving Planned Parenthood special privileges! Consider telling your Mayor and Councilman to vote, “NO!”

Here is How You Can Help?

*Consider contacting your San Antonio City Mayor and Councilman prior to the December 10th vote.

Mayor.IvyTaylor@SanAntonio.gov, District1@SanAntonio.gov, District2@SanAntonio.gov, District3@SanAntonio.gov, District4@SanAntonio.gov, District5@SanAntonio.gov, District6@SanAntonio.gov, District7@SanAntonio.gov, District8@SanAntonio.gov, Ron.Nirenberg@SanAntonio.gov, District9@SanAntonio.gov, District10@SanAntonio.gov

**Wednesday December 9th, Join us at Citizens to Be Heard from 6:00-7:30-PM at 114 W. Commerce St. San Antonio, TX 78205.

***Thursday December 10th, Join us for the Council Vote from 9:00am-Noon at 114 W. Commerce St. San Antonio, TX 78205.

Be sure to wear blue to the events on the 9th and 10th. If you’d like to speak be sure and register at Citizens to Be Heard the morning of December 9th when the link is made available on the City webpage.

Please fill out the form to indicate your attendance and support that can be found at: http://sanantoniofamilyassociation.com/2015/11/1187-voices-for-justice-and-life/

#SanAntonioFamilyAssociation #SAFA #JoshuaIniative #ResponsibleGovernmentCoalition #STOPabortionCoalition

Planned Parenthood must move its surgical operations and cold storage from #2140Babcock!

Why is the City of San Antonio #DevelopmentServicesDepartment continuing to push a ridiculous re-definition of an #AmbulatorySurgicalCenter even though the two #SA residents have withdrawn their Amendment to the #UnifiedDevelopmentCode?

Could it be that the passage of this redefinition of an #ASC condones the #DSD Director #RodSanchez' previous bad, subjective material similar use zoning decision of #2140Babcock? A vote for the re-definition of an ASC to make it just like a regular physician's office that doesn't have operating rooms is a vote to condone #ppSouthTexas at 2140 Babcock!

#CoSA #MichaelShannon #JohnJacks


Abortionist Chichi Junda Woo's contract must be terminated by the City!

Consider standing for life by #SpeakForJustice and demand #SA #CityCouncil to hear the improper zoning of "Planned Parenthood South Texas".

Consider sharing with City Council this evening:

1. Thank you #MayorIvyTaylor for engaging a 3rd Party Reviewer to help resolve this improper zoning and land-use matter.
2. "Planned Parenthood South Texas" has to move all medical surgeries and cold storage from #2140Babcock to comply with #SA #ZoningLaws and to protect the sanctity of #FamilyLife.

3. City Council should honor and heed the SA Building-Related and Fire Codes Appeals and Advisory Board resolution passed on July 30th for the #Mayor and #CityCouncil to hear the inappropriate zoning matter at #2140Babcock.




CTBH Session 2nd #CTBH after the Council's July Break

Calling Pro-Lifers, #1000FormerFetuses, to surge forward and speak for justice at SA City Council wearing BLUE and demand enforcement of Zoning Laws for pp ASC Abortion Center. When you #SpeakForJustice you'll be speaking for life.

Wed., Aug. 12, 2015
6 pm San Antonio City Council Chambers

Sign up to speak between 8 am - 5:59 pm at http://www.sanantonio.gov/yourcity/meetingappear.aspx

Wear Blue for Life!

If Californians can flood City Council so can Texans. Join in and speak for life please.

2,000 Pro-Lifers Flood California City Council Meeting to Protest New Abortion Biz

#Speak4LIFE! Citizens To Be Heard today! Register now to let City Council know your feeling and facts on this issue.


Register to speak on Wednesday, April 1 starting at 8 am up until 6 pm to speak at Citizens To Be Heard this evening.

If you'd like assistance with what to address, please contact us for an assignment or see just below for some much needed presentations. It's okay, and even good, if people repeat the same basic, good message.

Assignment examples, need at least one person to:

City planner testifies job was threatened after sending Planned Parenthood zoning letter
- Dillon Collier, KENS 57:37 p.m. CDT May 13, 2015

Zoning concerns persist as Planned Parenthood center gets ready to open
- KENS5 Investigative Report by Dillon Collier – Monday, March 2, 2015

SAFA Hearing at the Building-Related and Fire Codes Appeals and Advisory Board on Thursday, April 30th. The times of some important segments of the video are listed below. http://t.co/o6CKrNUYiD/s/M_Q6.

* Time on video when Michael Shannon, DSD Assistant Director, stated that Delantero/“pp” would not need a Certificate of Occupancy but would only need a Certificate of Construction Completion to open their doors at 2140 Auschwitz – Time: 1:53
- this will be another violation of the local zoning ordinances
* Time on video when the Board member made the motion to vote on the approval of the Electrical Permit – Time: 2.05.2
- this motion and second were not consistent with the resolution that was officially signed a week after the vote was taken leading to falsification of the Board vote which also makes the vote null & void.
* Time on video when the other Board member seconded the motion for the approval of the Electrical Permit – Time: 2.05.28
* Time on video when the vote was taken – Time: 2.09.37 to 2.10.16

• read the Archbishop's Letter on #40DaysForLife #40DFL

• show the KENS5 Investigative Report Video entitled "Zoning concerns persist as Planned Parenthood center gets ready to open" - all you will need to do is prompt the AudioVisual Assistant when your name is called to cue it up, then go to the podium to introduce yourself, say a short message and have the assistant play the video - here is the video for review:

Zoning concerns persist as Planned Parenthood center gets ready to open – KENS5 Investigative Report by Dillon Collier - Monday, March 2, 2015

• share actual meetings/correspondence with the Mayor or City Council and did not receive a (timely) response to announce that at CTBH

• share any correspondence reply from the Mayor or City Council and charitably correct their mis-statements in their reply

• show the #StudentsForLife video called "94% of Pregnant Women Who Went to Planned Parenthood Got an Abortion" - all you will need to do is prompt the AudioVisual Assistant when your name is called to cue it up, then go to the podium to introduce yourself, say a short message and have the assistant play the video - here is the video for review:
Fact: 94% of Pregnant Women Who Went to Planned Parenthood Got an Abortion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKIOBOFaVYs

• need someone to give a comparison of which entity, "planned parenthood" or Dreamhill Estate Residents, will be hurt by irreparable harm

• to share this sensitive video that uses an uncharitable word in quotes from pro-abortion, pro-pp people in reference to why abortion should be legal. You'll need to be prepared to conscientiously introduce this video so that the Mayor/MayorProTem doesn't turn it off. Ask the AudioVideo Assistant to cue it up (to the 43rd Second to avoid the inappropriate name calling) then walk to the podium to introduce yourself and prepare the Council for the video and then have the AV Assistant play it. Here is the video for review:

Slavery ends, targeted eugenics begins the bondage

• to share this Brietbart national news article:

• to share this national news article:
Project Runway Fashion Guru Tim Gunn Will Headline Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
to promote racial targeting of abortion. Planned Parenthood South Texas' own 2013 Annual Report showed that 71% of women who received their "abortion care" were Hispanic and 5% were Black.

• to ask which of the Mayor, City Council, City Officials and Employees will be going to the sold-out annual "planned parenthood" luncheon fundraiser with Tim Gunn - refer to this website:

Click on this link to register to speak. When you register, be sure to include your comment in the appropriate field. For example, write/type in:

“Have the DSD correctly enforce the zoning ordinances regarding 2140 Babcock”


Speak at: San Antonio City Council Chambers, 114 W. Commerce St., San Antonio, TX

Fb Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1104982649528631/

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